Understanding Leptin Can Help The Body Lose Weight

Leptin Resistance could explain your weight gaining problem.

Leptin is a hormone in the body and is made by fat cells. It functions as a lipostat.  A way for the body to determine how much fat there is or should be in the body.  As people gain weight, they have more fat cells and therefore produce more Leptin. As Leptin travels through the blood, it crosses the blood brain barrier, and binds to the receptors in the brain.

Once it binds to brain receptors, it helps increase satiety and appetite control, so you eat less or only what you need to eat. An increase in metabolism and thermogenesis happens to burn calories. In general, a healthy person will start to lose weight as their fat cells produce more Leptin.

HOWEVER, the problem for overweight or obese people is they also have increased inflammation in the body, which causes a higher level of C-Reactive Protein (CRP). CRP is a marker of systemic inflammation in the body that is associated with many poor health and overweight health problems.

Weight Loss

* Helps Normal Leptin Function.
* Helps Control Appetite & Hunger.
* Helps With Metabolic Process.

Boost Your Metabolism

Disclaimer: Individual results vary. Please read Clinical Study results.

Lower Inflammation -> Decreases CRP -> Increases Fat Burning

Research has shown that CRP combines with Leptin in the blood and creates a complex. This complex is not allowed to pass through to the brain. So in obese bodies, you have more Leptin and CRP, but the function of Leptin is not happening.

Leptin is not getting to the brain, due to the complex created with CRP and the over weight person is not having their appetite controlled or increased metabolic process.

Obese people have increased hunger and reduced metabolism. In this situation, the overweight person can suffer from Leptin resistance. Which is when you are trying to diet, trying to lose weight, but you eat more and gain more weight.

SOZO Thermogenic Coffee reduces Leptin resistance, improves Leptin function and increases metabolic process.  It does this by reducing CRP in the blood. When the CRP is lowered, it uncouples from Leptin. Then the Leptin function happens naturally, as it was designed to do.

The metabolic function happens as it should and weight loss occurs .