SOZO Thermogenic, African Mango, Weight Loss Coffee Review

A Clinical Study Proved 52 Participants Lost An Average Of 28 Pounds In A 10-Week Period, WITHOUT Changing Their Diet Or Exercise Routine !

After selling this coffee for a few months and talking with customers and people who have tried or tasted the weight loss coffee, these are my findings:

I’ve studied the research, ingredients and clinical study. The ingredients in SOZO’s weight loss coffee do work. CoffeeBerry, WellTrim, and green tea do help the body lose weight, burn fat, lose inches and help the body get healthier. The key points of interest about this coffee and weight loss are improving the Leptin process, appetite control and overall body health.

While I personally do not have a need to lose weight, I’ve had family members lose weight and talked to others who have lost weight by only drinking this coffee.

The BIGGEST question you are probably asking is this: “Will this coffee help ME lose weight?” And my reply is, I don’t know for sure. I know that it can and has help others lose weight. Everyone has a unique body and their own situation, so I can’t promise SOZO’s Thermogenic Coffee will make you lose weight.[/text_output]

However, I can offer this detailed information:

Here are my personal sales of SOZO’s Thermogenic Coffee, as of February 12, 2015:

  • over 23% of my customers have placed multiple orders.
  • about 27% of my customers bought a case (possibly no need to re-order).
  • about 40% of my customers have only bought 1 box (so far).

After talking to many people who have tasted the thermogenic coffee, I’d say about 85% either liked the taste or LOVED the taste of SOZO Coffee.


SOZO Thermogenic Coffee Review

Disclaimer: Individual results vary. Please see Clinical Study.

When drinking SOZO Weight Loss Coffee, you are getting:

  • Nothing Artificial, Fake or Synthetic — It’s All Natural
    African Mango Seed Extract, Whole Coffee Fruit Extract, Green Tea, Colombian Coffee.
  • 2 Clinical Studies with Proven Results
    WellTrim® and CoffeeBerry® have double-blind placebo studies with great results.
  • Regulation of Fat Cell Production and Increased Fat Burning
    Fat loss through Leptin function which controls appetite, food intake, body weight.
“I have struggled with my weight all of my life. In early 2010, I had my annual physical and the words I read on the report hit me like a ton of bricks, “morbidly obese”. SOZO released thermogenic, fat burning coffee, which I started taking two servings per day 30 to 45 minutes before lunch and dinner. I used this coffee consistently for 16 weeks and lost 51 pounds. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with all the SOZO products, but thanks to the fat burning coffee, I will never read those words again, MORBIDLY OBESE.”David Ball, Ft. Worth, Texas

By simply drinking this coffee, twice a day, 30-60 minutes before two largest meals, you can lose weight and achieve better overall health… EVEN WITHOUT changing your diet or exercise habits!

Just imagine in a few weeks, your clothes and shoes are no longer tight. Activities or exercises are easier to perform. In a few months, your body is healthier and blood markers are improving, such as cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

What can you gain by loosing excess weight?

If you think about your body’s health for a minute, you will understand how much is taken for granted. Many people abuse their body without realizing it.

From eating unhealthy, to not exercising, doing zero preventative maintenance, to taking a drug that might fix one problem while probably creating two more problems. There are enormous benefits to gain by becoming healthier, such as spending time with your loved ones and NOT being limited in the day-to-day activities due to having excess weight.

There is a high cost of being overweight:

  • There are more Health Issues, Medical Bills and Doctor Visits;
  • People can be emotionally sad, frustrated or depressed in social settings;
  • The extra amount of work spent by the body, 24-7 to deal with excess weight.

Think back 5 years ago. What if you knew about nutrition, Leptin and how the body works? Do you think this information would be beneficial to your body? This coffee can be a simple solution to a complex issue that many people have.

Why Not Change Your Life And Start Today ?

Order a box, drink the coffee and taste how good it is. The SOZO weight loss program makes it easy to get healthy… just by drinking coffee!

The number of boxes needed depends on the weight loss goals.

One box contains 30 single serving packets of instant coffee. In the clinical study, the average person lost 2.8 pounds a week when taking 150mg of WellTrim, twice a day. Each serving of SOZO Thermogenic Coffee contains 150mg of WellTrim, so 1 box is a 15 day supply.

How much does SOZO weight loss coffee cost ?

Retail:  $60 a box
Preferred:  $50 a box (auto delivery, at least once every 28 days)
Wholesale:  $40 a box (must buy 4 boxes and also buy Wholesale Account $39)

Note: A SOZO Distributor also gets wholesale pricing.

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