Question and Answers About SOZO Thermogenic – Fat Burning Coffee

Did the name of the weight loss coffee change?

The original name of this weight loss coffee was called SOZO Thermogenic Coffee. Its new name is SOZO Instant Coffee With African Mango. This new name was needed as the product is sold in other countries and a single, standardized name needed to be used. Some countries didn’t allow “Thermogenic” to be used in the name of the coffee. Either way, same coffee, same ingredients, just new name.

How much caffeine is in the thermogenic coffee?

There is roughly 130 mg of caffeine in each single serving packed of SOZO Thermogenic coffee. There are no other stimulants added to the coffee.

Does the weight loss coffee come in decaffeinated (decaf)?

No, there is only 1 flavor, type of Thermogenic Coffee.

If you are pregnant, can you still drink the Weight Loss Coffee?

The best answer is to ask your doctor.

Does the SOZO weight loss coffee only come in an instant coffee?

Yes, the Thermogenic Coffee is instant gourmet coffee. True, instant and gourmet generally don’t go in the same sentence, but many people either like or love the taste of the coffee. Lets say about 10% of people tasting it do not like the taste.

While the brewed coffee in general will taste better, this coffee does provide weight loss, in which no other coffee taste this good and helps you loose weight!

Where is the SOZO Coffee shipped from?

For USA orders, the warehouse is located in Memphis TN.
For Canada orders, the warehouse is located in Toronto and also, the weight loss coffee in Canada is named: “African Mango Coffee”.
For Asian orders, the warehouse serving these orders will soon be opening.

How much coffee do I need to drink?

The clinical study patients took 2 servings a day, 30-60 minutes before lunch and dinner and lost about 2.8 pounds a week. To duplicate those results, SOZO suggest you do the same for best results.

1 single serving contains 150mg of WellTrim iG .
1 Box of SOZO Thermogenic Coffee has 30 servings, which is a 15-day supply. 2 boxes would be 1 month for 1 person.

Disclaimer: individual results vary.

Any case study or example cannot guarantee that the user will have similar weight loss results. Your personal results could be much different as various factors are related to weight loss. Please see the Clinical Study for more details.

How much weight you want to lose, helps determine how many boxes you might need?

For example, say you want to lose 11-12 pounds. According to the study, the WellTrim group lost on average, 2.8 pounds a week. That means you might need a 4-week supply, about 2 boxes. Again, everyone is different but the study results were very positive!

What is in the weight loss coffee from SOZO?

The following ingredients are micro-ground, that instantly dissolves in hot water: african mango seed extract (knows as WellTrim® iG), whole coffee fruit (known as CoffeeBerry®, a superior antioxidant), green tea and 100% Arabica Colombian coffee. SOZO coffee contains no added stimulants, so if you drink coffee or green tea now, it should also be safe for you to drink.

What is the effective way to loose weight drinking SOZO Thermogenic Coffee?

In general for best results, drink 2 servings a day, about 1 hour before you two largest meals of the day. Do not drink 2 cups back to back as you want to allow the intake of ingredients to be spread out. Some people lose weight drinking only 1 cup. It really depends on your body, as everyone is different.

How do you prepare and/or drink the Thermogenic Coffee?
What are the SOZO Thermogenic Coffee Instructions?

In general, anything you typically add to your coffee, the same can be done for this coffee as well. Adding a sweetener / milk to the coffee will not alter the effects. Use a natural sweetener like Stevia or just a little bit of real sugar.

Step 1) Add the thermogenic coffee packet contents into your coffee  cup. You pour a single packet contents into a cup.
Step 2) Pour hot water in your coffee cup and stir. Enjoy!

This instant coffee is microground, so it will almost instantly dissolve once the hot water is added. You can stir it and it will be just like any cup of coffee at that point.

TIP: You can also drink the fat-burning coffee over ice, if you like. Add the packet contents to a bottle and shake. While the single serving packets are very convenient, having hot water with you might not be.

FYI. Make the hot coffee version and then save the coffee for later use in the day. Pour coffee over ice and enjoy later in the day as an iced-coffee drink.

What are other results from the WellTrim Clinical Study?

WellTrim® iG, a certified and authentic extract of African Mango, not only helps you get rid of fat via Leptin production, Adiponectin regulation, and the inhibition of Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, WellTrim also supports a feeling of fullness and balance metabolic function. In a 10 week study that was performed with participants with a BMI of 26 or higher, the average weight loss was 28 pounds! This included nearly a 7 inch loss from their waistline and a 6% decrease in body fat!

Some people drinking SOZO Thermogenic Coffee are losing weight and/or fat and/or weight and/or inches. Is that normal?

While everyone has different body reactions, all of those results are healthier. Some people see results in all categories and some might see results in one 1 category.

Is SOZO coffee organic? Sustainably grown?

SOZO’s coffee plants are grown in environmentally safe conditions and is endorsed by an organization that represent the finest quality growing and working conditions called Hacienda La Minita (they do not use pesticides or herbicides).

Disclaimer: Individual Results Vary.

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WellTrim IGOB131® is an ingredient in SOZO Thermogenic Coffee. Dr. Bruce Abedon is Director of Scientific Affairs at Icon Group, LLC (a NutraGenesis affiliate company), the company that has exclusive rights to the only patented African Mango Seed Extract.

CoffeeBerry® (whole coffee fruit extract) is an ingredient that is patented by FutureCeuticals, where SOZO has exclusive rights to use it. SOZO offers health products and a business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Mark Blumenthal is the founder of the American Botanical Council and knowledgable about green tea.