SOZO Thermogenic, Fat Burning Coffee Review

DISCLAIMER: Individual results vary. Please read the Clinical Study results or my own SOZO Weight Loss Review.

The SOZO Thermogenic Coffee was released in January 2014 but, don’t let the newness of the product fool you. You see, 2 of the ingredients in this coffee have undergone extensive clinical studies.

In 2009, the African Mango Seed Extract, known as WellTrim® iG, had a double-blind placebo clinical study where 102 participants were studied in a 10 week period. The average weight loss was 28 pounds. The participants had several other significant, healthy and positive results besides losing weight.

Starting in 2012, the Whole Coffee Fruit, known as CoffeeBerry®, has had 4 clinical studies published that show the many beneficial, healthy and unique compounds that help the body perform better, naturally.

And you can read at great lengths the value of the last 2 ingredients: Green Tea and 100% Arabica Colombian Coffee.

So yes, SOZO fat burning coffee works very well for many people who are drinking it daily.

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